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Introducing the SX-12 Truck Mounted

Hard Surface Cleaning Wand






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SX-12 Underside



The Cleaning Process

††††† We all know the power of a gasoline engine.Well, this ingenious tool was developed byHYDRO-FORCE in order to give carpet cleaners an advantage in the hard surfaces cleaning business.They wanted to develop a tool that could not only clean tile, but grout as well.After all, most of us will judge the cleanliness of a tile floor by how clean the grout got and if the grout still looks grungy, it wonít matter to anyone how clean the tile got, will it? Ok, so what is going to get that old nasty grout looking good again?


Option #1 Get rid of the grout?


†††††† You can spend a fortune trying to grind it out, but in the end, you will end up replacing the tile probably as it can get cracked in the process (Thatís ok if you got the $$$$$$ to throw around).


Option #2 Get Down on your knees & scrub?


†††††† Ok next option, You can spend hours on your knees with a scrub brush, bleach, and a mop, but what are you really doing here?Your actually sanitizing the dirt with the bleach (not to mention whitening your clothes & getting dizzy from the fumes) and then with the scrub brush and mop, your pushing the dirt farther into the crevices. It may actually look cleaner when your done, but all you did was sanitize and whiten the dirt remaining in the crevices.It may look cleaner, but the whitened dirt is still there?


Option #3 The Best Option!


†† Now that we have explored the first two options, it time to see what technology has come up with.We all know what power washers can do and how effective they can be on hard surfaces.We also know the power of suction and its effect on pulling dirt out from carpets and hard surfaces, especially if itís a powerful suction force, such as those produced by gasoline truck mounted equipment.The SX-12 was developed with the best of both technologies in mind.I set the SX-12 to 1050 pounds per square inch.Thatís enough force to slice right threw the dirt on the grout and tile, but not enough to damage it.This is done using a rotating wand with two sprayer tips on both sides as depicted above.As the pressure from the truck mount builds, it causes the wand to rotate very fast while spraying the cleaning fluids (which are heated to over 200 degrees in the truck mount) only inches from the surface.Next, you have a powerful suction force pulling up the cleaning fluids sprayed around on the inside of the dome from the black rimmed area.As the technician moves the dome around on the floor, the tile and grout is getting cleaner by the minute and the dirt is being pulled away from the floor and into the truck mount waste tank.What makes this process especially effective is the quality of the chemicals used in the process such as the prespray and solution mix. No need to mop or use a wet-vak afterwards either.The floor should be slightly wet, but no puddles.†† If done right, it should dry within an hour or so.



Check out the Before and After Photos, using this cleaning process.


Download 14MB Video - Takes a few minutes.


Look at the grout lines in this tile cleaning video taken in 2016:

Video 2








Pigmented Grout Paint Will Come Off Using This Method


Most tile is manufactured with colored glazes that are baked into the tile.Using this cleaning process will work fine with this tile. Most colored grouts are prepared with the coloring agents well mixed into the grout before it is used.Using this cleaning process will work fine with this grout.

There is a cheaper method that some contractors or home owners will use that will color the grout and/or tile after installation. This method uses surface pigment paints to color the grout in order to achieve preferred color matches or to cover up some repair work done in the past. The only way to tell if the grout has been painted is to simply scrape the surface of the grout in a small obscure area such as a closet and see if the paint will come off.

This is a tile cleaning process that involves spraying either high alkaline or acidic pre-spray onto the tile and grout, which is accompanied by high pressure & high temperature solution wash, which is damaging to any pigment paints that have been applied to the surface of grout or tile. The pigment paint will begin to peal or flake off as a result. If you have painted grout that you want to preserve, this cleaning method should not be used.



About QACC


††††††††† Quality Assurance Carpet Care QACC is a small business servicing both residential and commercial clients throughout the Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. This business was founded on the premise of providing quality oriented and moderately priced cleaning services for carpet, tile, upholstery (auto upholstery too), window cleaning, and emergency water clean up. The owner of the company is Jeff Mann, who started QACC.BIZ in early 2009 with a couple of customers, but has now expanded to servicing many accounts throughout the Tulsa and the surrounding areas. QACC is listed with the state of Oklahoma & the county of Tulsa as a recognized operating company. QACC is also accredited with the Better Business Bureau as a good standing company in the Tulsa, Oklahoma community. QACC also serves Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Coweta, Glenpool, Bixby, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, and all surrounding suburbs within 30 mile radius of Broken Arrow, Ok. If you are outside of these areas, please call to make special arrangements. See website for discount specials on carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning.




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