Quality Assurance Carpet Care  Broken Arrow, OK



Pic#1  Before Shot- This was the dining room, which had cat litter boxes on the right and left sides. 

The smell of cat urine was overwhelming. Our excellent array of urine neutralizers knocked out

the cat urine in minutes though, but those areas had to be literally saturated all the way to the padding

and then extracted out before the actual cleaning operations commenced. 


If you have urine in various areas of your carpet, don’t live with it, just give us a call about pricing for

urine clean up treatments. We can get out there within a day or two.


Pic#2 BEFORE SHOT! This was the hallway, which had quite a bit of urine in it too.  The lighter

area by the door way was treated for extreme urine concentrations.  As you can see, the brown

color disappeared rapidly.  After Cleaning commenced, the carpet actually looked like new again.


Pic#3 This is a good example of heavy duty cleaning, using the brush head on the RotoVac.  As

you can see here, the dirt is coming right up.



Pic#4  After cleaning completed, the same area looks practically new.  Home owner was

very happy with this job. I asked client if he smelled any urine in this area, so he walked around

where the litter boxes were, but said, “No! It just smells clean!”




Pic #5 This is the living room after cleaning it, which actually looked much worse than the dining

room. The Hydramaster Titan 575, which I now use, achieves much higher cleaning solution

temperatures, which means it can get the carpet cleaner!.


Pic#6 Hallway after cleaning operations looks and smells great!


Quality Assurance Carpet Care  Broken Arrow, OK