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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:


Price Questions:

What is the difference between your price estimates and your price quotes for your cleaning services?

A price estimate is only a rough figure for my services rendered, based on my pricing sheet.  Typically, I charge by square footage, which is $25 per 150 square feet, which is the cost of a typical bedroom.  Other factors that come into play are how dirty the carpet is and if it has been vacuumed at all, pet odor issues, etc.  This rough estimate only gives you an idea of how much it will cost to clean carpeting at your residence.  It is NOT a guaranty of the final cost of cleaning your carpeting, tile, or upholstery!

 A price quote is a solid written price telling the customer how much the job will cost to complete.  The price will not change unless areas and services are added to the tab.  I will be happy to come out and give you a written price quote within a day or two. If your budget is tight, then I would highly recommend this method for you.  The written price quote is good for 12 months. So, you have plenty of time to think about it and save the funds for it.

Commercial businesses will need to have me come in person for written price quotes due to need for square foot measurements and other considerations.

I am just calling around for the lowest price for carpet cleaning.  Do you offer Groupons or other discounted third party coupon services?

The answer is No, I don’t! I don’t offer Groupons and other heavily discounted coupon services for my customers. I do offer my own discounts though.  Please see my pricing sheet for further details.

I have a 1600 square foot house. I need the living room, hallway, and three bedrooms done. How much?

I don’t base my pricing on the total square footage of your house.  Just on how much square footage of carpet you have.

Answer: This is an ESTIMATE ONLY, based on regular cleaning:

Living room 2-3 areas = $52-$78
Bedrooms 3 areas =          $78
Hallway 1 area =               $26
5 Area Discount =            -$25
Total Cost =                $131-$157

What does this include?

Answer: Each cleaning includes a thorough hot water extraction cleaning in each of the areas, which includes all carpet areas, especially along the side boards, behind doors, in closets, and as far under the furniture as I can reach.  The carpet cleaning also includes surface spot & stain removal for most types of stains. A light disinfectant deodorizer is included with each cleaning as well.


How much carpet can you clean for $105?

Answer: Regular Carpet Cleaning Process:

Living room size 300 Sq ft or less & 3 Bedrooms (closets are included)


Living room size -300 Sq ft or less
2 Bedrooms
This will be $105 and Not 1 penny more!

Do you do price matching with other businesses?

No, but I try to keep my prices as competitive as possible in order to retain market share.

Why do you charge by square footage, when other companies simply charge by the room or even give flat rates based on the square footage of the house?

Because some rooms, ie, game rooms, and other large open areas can cover up to several hundred square feet. It would not be cost effective to provide the level of cleaning services that we stand by; the cost of gas, quality chemicals, and labor put into each job, if we did this work for less money. Every business has different standards and methods for price determination based on their size and overhead. QACC makes pricing:  clear, fair, & simple to figure out. If we charged $99 for a large house with lots of square footage, we would have to cut back in other areas, which would compromise the quality of work we stand by and the time we put into each area to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.  

So, what is the difference between what you offer and the guy who is offering to clean my entire house for less than a hundred dollars?

As a business owner, I will not speak for the practices of other businesses in my industry, but I can speak about my own business practices. I can say that Quality Assurance Carpet Care invests lots of money each year in top grade chemicals and keeps its equipment well maintained, cleaned, and oiled after every cleaning job. I also invest in new & good quality equipment. I don’t buy used junk, simply because I refuse to compromise and skimp on the quality of work my clients pay good money for and deserve to get. So I spend the time and the money to keep my hoses, wands, and truck mount well maintained, running efficiently, and leak free.  You will get quality cleaning and excellent, reliable service from my company and it’s techs.

I also invest in education and research, which includes going to training workshops, IICRC Classes, and product research to further my knowledge level in order to serve my clients better. This is not a summer job for me. It's a full time business I run and work hard at what I do.

Do you want 2 guys rushing through a $49 cleaning job to get to the next one in order to meet daily quotas or do you want someone who will take the time to do the cleaning right and to a high level of customer satisfaction?

I would encourage you as the prospective client to carefully check around and see what the community says about a business and study reviews from their customers.  Please don't select a company SOLEY because they offer the cheapest services in town. The old saying, "You get what you pay for" still holds true and don't let anyone fool you about that!

How Do You Rate Yourself next to other top carpet cleaning businesses in town?

I don’t waste my time with this matter! There are a number of other carpet cleaning businesses in the Tulsa area that do a fine job and their technicians maybe highly certified and very good in this field of work.  My goal is not to stand around judging my competition for their performance, but to do the best job that I can do for my clients and to let my work stand out to them.  My clients, as paying customers of the carpet cleaning industry, can best judge for themselves who they want to come and serve them based on their own criteria and standards.

I am thinking about renting a carpet machine or using one I bought? It's so much cheaper than hiring a pro. Can you beat the price on renting a carpet machine?

 Well, that's like comparing an old bicycle to a 2015 Chevy Silverado. You simply can't compare the level of cleaning power that a high powered truck mount engine provides, the professional chemicals used, and the technical expertise that comes with all this to a store bought or rented cleaning machine.

One client; whose husband tried to save money by renting equipment, called me after watching the husband spend several hours struggling with a leaky, smelly rental machine only to find that the carpet was left wet, smelled bad, and still looked dirty after spending almost $90 on rental and store bought chemicals. I came out the next day and they were dazzled by the results in 1/3 the time it took them. Both said the carpet looked new again, smelled great, and was dry in just a few hours. The cost of getting 5 areas done with QACC was only $15 more than what they had spent at the store.

Need I say more?

Cleaning Questions:

What is the difference between the regular cleaning and the heavy duty cleaning?

I have two separate cleaning heads for my RotoVac Rotary Carpet Cleaner.  The regular head has 3 vacuum ports and three jet sprayers, which is fine for most carpet cleaning. However, the heavy duty brush head has in addition to the 3 jet sprayers a brush, made for carpets that can get even the most ground in, dirty carpets clean again. The results are phenomenal! However, different chemicals are needed for heavy duty cleaning, more stress is put on the equipment, and more time is needed to get the carpets clean again, but with greater results than with the regular carpet cleaning head! 

Here are some good examples of HD Cleaning Results: Click on the sets below to see before and after pics:

                                                      Set 8

                                                      Set 9

How do I know if the carpet is going to need the regular cleaning or the heavy duty cleaning?

The technician, who is experienced with using both heads will tell you which cleaning head will be used when he gives you a written quote.  If  the carpet you want cleaned is so filthy that it is hard to tell what the original color was, then this is a good indication that you need heavy duty cleaning.

I have BIG red and blue stains on my carpet, but it has not been treated with stain guard.  Can you still get these out? How much does this cost?

Yes, I have chemicals that can fade these out under heat and get rid of the spots completely.  I can’t guarantee the results though.  Prices vary according to the size of the stains. If the stains seem to be from the same substance, I can try this process on 1 or 2 of the stains and if I can’t fade them out to your satisfaction.  If I can’t get them out, then you don’t get charged. Pics: Set 11

I just dropped paint all over my carpet! What do I do?

First of all, if it is a latex paint, keep it wet.  You can take a pint or even a quart of water and pour it gently around and over the paint spill. The idea is to keep saturate the carpet saturated with moisture.  Then cover it with a wet towel and call us right away! The sooner we get there, the better.  Once the paint starts to dry, it becomes exponentially more difficult to get out of the carpet.  If I can start removing the paint while it is completely wet, then I can get most of it out with extraction equipment.  I will use my equipment to suck up water based paints.

If the paint is oil based, then it has to be saturated with paint thinner and then emulsified, which is a more complicated process, but I suppose it can be done? HOWEVER, I have very expensive carpet cleaning equipment and I am not going to subject my equipment to oil based paint spills. You will have to find another business, who is willing to use their equipment for this purpose. 

Pricing on this type of extraction work varies by how much WATER BASED paint is dropped on the carpet.  I would have to see it in person to give you a price quote.

Is stain guard included with the carpet cleaning area price?

Answer: No, but I do carry both stain guard for carpet as well as upholstery for a additional cost. Call or check my pricing sheet for details.

Do I need to vacuum the carpet before you clean it with your equipment?

Answer: YES! This is highly recommended for carpeted areas, esp. if you have pets. Even though truck mount equipment pulls a lot of suction, pet hair is best removed by vacuuming the areas, with a vacuum that has a working roller brush, before the hot water extraction cleaning process. I do provide vacuuming for customers, but it is an extra charge and typically runs at $35 per house. If you can vacuum the areas of carpet, esp. along the side boards, this will save you some money.

Do you move furniture? If so, what do you move?

Answer: I will move light furniture, ie recliners, couches, loveseats and coffee tables. I do not move beds without rollers, dressers, armoires, entertainment centers, or electronic equipment and desks. 

Should I move all the furniture out of the room(s) before you get here in order to help you out?

Answer: No. This is totally unnecessary unless your areas are so cluttered that it is difficult to get between the furniture. I will simply move your sofa over about 4 feet, clean underneath it, and then put it back with plastic or Styrofoam blocks underneath it to prevent stain bleeding or rust spots. You can take the plastic and blocks out after carpet is completely dry. When I am done, your living room or other areas will be back the way they were before I started cleaning. Very simple, very easy. No need to worry about this.

If you want the carpet cleaned under heavy furniture, you will need to make arrangements to have this moved out of the area first, but most customers just have me clean around the heavy furniture.  If your moving, then it would be best to have the carpet cleaning done last.

I have babies and pets at home. Are the chemicals you use safe for them to be around?

Answer: Yes, the chemicals I use are made for residential and commercial facilities. Some of these chemicals even have green seals of approval and are environmentally friendly. I have cleaned hundreds of homes and businesses so far over the last 4 years without a complaint.

However, if you have children or pets running around, I always warn the parents not to let them wander around on the carpet while I am prepping the traffic areas with prespray to be cleaned. The prespray has solvents and other chemicals that can be harmful to them and cause skin irritation, especially if they run around on it or put their fingers on the carpet and stick them in their mouth or eyes. Parents need to supervise their children and pets while I am cleaning their carpets and upholstery.

After the cleaning has been completed, there are no harmful residues left in the carpet fibers or upholstery fabric, but its best to wait until it thoroughly dries before allowing pets and children back on it. Yes, it will be safe for them to crawl on the carpets again after it dries.

I can provide you MSDS Sheets on any of the cleaning products I carry. Just let me know what you would like before I come out to your residence or business or I can email them to you?

How long does it take for the carpet to dry and can I walk on it after you clean it or should I wait until it dries?

It depends on the humidity inside the house. Typically, it takes just a few hours for the carpet to completely dry. You can speed this up by keeping the windows closed, if it’s raining outside, and turning on the heat in the fall and winter or the A/C for spring and summer.  This will help to dehumidify the moisture from the air. Also, turn on all ceiling fans in available areas to help circulate the air.

Walking on the carpet while it's still moist is unadvisable as it slows down the drying process and any dirt on your shoes will easily cling to the carpet fibers. Please don’t let your pets back on the carpet until it completely dries. The first thing a dog or cat will do is lay on the carpet and the fur will cling to it because it is moist.


Pet Odor Questions:

My pets have urinated on the carpet and it really smells! Does a standard cleaning cover this problem and eliminate these pet odors?

Excellent question! No, a standard cleaning will NOT eliminate heavy pet odors, such as urine, vomit, and fecy odors from animals as well as humans. The bacteria, which causes these odors is residing in your carpet padding and cannot be reached with standard cleaning equipment. I do carry equipment, chemicals and have proven methods that can quickly and efficiently help eliminate these problem areas without damage or removal of your carpet and padding. However, this goes beyond the standard cleaning price per area. Please call & make an appointment for a quote and further information about this.  As a note, this will only work, if we know exactly where your pet has urinated/vomited/or defecated.  If the pet odors are wide spread throughout your carpeting, then this makes total odor elimination exponentially more difficult to resolve.  Please see the pet odor question under Guaranties.

I have pet hair on my carpet.  Does your truck mounted equipment remove all pet hair?

Not completely! I recommend that the area be thoroughly vacuumed first with a good quality vacuum cleaner that has a working roller brush for pulling up the pet hair. Even the most powerful truck mount equipment cannot pull out all the hair follicles out, which are deeply embedded in the carpet fibers.  The vacuum roller brush is better at pulling the embedded hair follicles out of the carpet fibers because the bristles from the roller yank these follicles up.  Once a thorough vacuuming is done, then a hot water extraction cleaning should follow and between these two, most of the hair and dandruff should be eliminated, along with the pet odors.

Miscellaneous Questions:

What is your fuel charge outside the 25 mile limit?

This will change according to the market price of fuel.  For the current fuel rate, check my pricing page. I try my best to keep this as reasonable as possible, but my Chevy box truck consumes a lot of gas because I am hauling thousands of pounds of water, equipment, and chemicals around. 

I will be going out for a while. Can you make sure my children or pets don’t wander outside or give me a call me if they do?

The answer is NO! I cannot supervise children, pets, or property for the guardians or the owners. I don't have time to do this and try to get my job done too. I also will need to bring a few hoses in through the front door or a window.

If your little ones tend to wander out the door, you may want to direct them to other areas and supervise them more closely while I am cleaning at your property.  If you are going to be out, please consider hiring a guardian to supervise while I am cleaning.

Can you completely secure my property before leaving the premises?

I will do my best to lock front door and close garage door, but it is the property owner’s responsibility to secure the premise.  I will not check every window, back door, or garage side doors, etc.  I am a carpet cleaner and not a security guard.

Do you have a favorable listing with Angie’s List, Google Maps, or any other customer service rating websites?

Answer: Yes, I am listed with many websites that offer non paid company listings, such as Angie’s List and yes, I have favorable ratings from my clients.  You can check out community feedback with Angie’s List if you’re a paid subscriber with them.  If you want free feedback, you can also check out Google Maps by going to  and type in QACC.BIZ, where a Google Places Listing for my company will show up.  There you can get a lot of details, including customer feedback.  You can also go to the Tulsa or call them and they will give you information.  We encourage you to do so.

This website also carries a page with hyperlinks to the various websites mentioned above and more for further reference.


What guaranties of satisfaction does Quality Assurance provide for its clients?

Quality Assurance Carpet Care guaranties work satisfaction or it will be done over to the client's satisfaction at NO extra cost. Part of Quality Assurance Carpet Care's satisfaction guaranty program is having the client do a walk through inspection of the work upon completion and take care of any discrepancies on the spot. If this is not possible, then QACC will call or email you within a day or two to do follow up to make sure you as the client are satisfied with the work done. This saves both the client and QACC a lot of time, money, and convenience. It is our hope that you will call us back every year because you are very satisfied with the services we provided to you as a client. We welcome perspective clients to check us out at the Better Business Bureau and read the feed back from the community to verify our track record.  Then give us a call today and schedule an appointment!

I have heavy pet urine/fecies/dandruff odors in my carpeting all over the house. Not sure which area it is coming from? Can you guaranty that my carpets will be odor free once you have completed carpet cleaning and deodorizing?

I want to make something perfectly clear here.  People who have allowed their pets to urinate and defecate all over their carpets on a continual long term basis have a more serious problem that goes beyond carpet cleaning.  The problem is now residing down in their carpet padding as well as the carpet itself and may even be saturating the concrete or floor boards beneath padding. A standard or even a heavy duty carpet cleaning from ANY carpet cleaning business; can only rid your carpet of dirt and odor causing bacteria ON THE SURFACE of the carpeting and NOT in the padding itself, where the biggest problem resides.  Don’t let other businesses reassure you of the power of their pet enzymes, because this is only useful for some surface applications.

Sure, QACC uses spot extraction techniques that can eliminate most bacteria & odor down in your padding, but only if we know exactly where the odor source resides?   It would be too costly to do spot extraction on all your carpeting though.  So, this leaves you with the choice of replacing your carpet padding and carpeting, and then deodorizing concrete foundation; which is considerably more expensive or taking your chances with a heavy duty carpet cleaning , some spot extraction work, and a heavy topical pet deodorizer, which can help eliminate much of the odor. 

Yes, I do offer a 7 day guarantee, but several restrictions apply to this:

-This only applies to areas that have been treated for urine by the technician within 7 days.  For instance, if you had a corner of your living room treated, but now the other side of the living room smells like urine, then new costs apply.  However, if the same area still smells like urine within 7 days, I can retreat it 1 time with a topical odor killer.

-Treated areas that have been re-urinated on after the treatment do not qualify for a free re-treating.

Certification Questions:

I am looking for a certified tech to clean my textiles.  Are you certified?

Answer: Yes, I am IICRC Certified.

If you are IICRC Certified, why don't you have a green seal of approval by the IICRC on your website or truck?

Answer: In addition to becoming certified in a particular area, the IICRC offers business owners the opportunity to advertise the green seal as an IICRC proprietary trademark insignia on their business firm's website(s) as long as they keep their certification current. The business firm must pay them extra fees each year in order to post their proprietary IICRC trademark seal, which is their intellectual property right to do so. I have opted not to pay for this extra large expense each year. However, I still carry IICRC certifications, which are current and can be verified.

If you are certified, why are you not listed on TheCleanTrust/IIRCR Website?

Answer: This is a service the IICRC provides for those who choose to pay the extra fees to become a certified firm and list the green seal of approval on their website(s). There are many technicians who are certified, but not listed on the IICRC website as a certified firm.

How do I verify that you are IICRC certified then?

Answer: The IICRC issues each of its certified members a certification card, which I can present to you, if asked for. I will be happy to show it to you and provide all the necessary verification information you need. You can also call the IICRC @ (360) 693-5675 and verify my status (Jeffrey Mann #142011). If you would also like to see their website for more contact information, go to: They have recently changed their name to TheCleanTrust. Even though I keep my certifications up to date, they will not list me on their website unless I pay them lots of money to be a certified firm.  So, you have to call and verify my certifications.

Does this IICRC Certification Guaranty Satisfaction or your money back?

Answer: IICRC Certification provides information, hands on training, and testing to each certified tech. It is the hope of the IICRC that the technician or the firm will apply everything that they have learned out in the field. However, these certifications do not provide any level of money back guaranty. This is up to the technician or business to determine their satisfaction guaranties for their customers.

Upholstery Questions:

Do you clean silk upholstery?

I use the hot water extraction cleaning method for upholstery cleaning. According to many experts I have spoken with; silk is best cleaned using dry cleaning products, which I don’t carry.  It should also be handled by silk fabric specialists as well as silk cleaning products, which I don’t carry due to the low demand for this and high liability.  If you’re looking for these services, then plan on paying a lot of money for them. 

Do you clean antique upholstery and oriental rugs?

Antique upholstery and rugs should be cleaned by antique cleaning specialists, especially if the pieces are 100 years and older.  Due to the liabilities involved with cleaning these, it’s best if I refer these services to antique cleaning specialists who can better handle these unique pieces.

Do you carry upholstery stain guard? How much do you charge for protecting my upholstery?

Yes, I use Maxim Advanced for Upholstery.  This is another fine product from Bridgepoint Products, Inc. Prices vary according to each piece.  Typically,  the cost of upholstery protection is 50% the cleaning cost.

Why do furniture companies and even other upholstery cleaners charge so much more for protecting my furniture and you’re so inexpensive?

I cannot comment on the pricing practices of other businesses, but I can say that I use  very reputable products, which will last for years or until your next hot water extraction cleaning.  My goal is not to price gouge my clients because other companies do this too.  My goal is to obtain clients, who will call me on a regular basis because they are satisfied with the services, products, and pricing I provide for them.

Financial Questions:

What types of payments do you receive?

Checks, Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover and, of course, Cash upon completion of work.   I can also do a PayPal payment, but this would have to be paid in advance of cleaning.

Do you take out of state checks?

Yes, but you will need to provide your driver’s license or a valid photo ID.

I will not be at the location because I am out of state right now.  Can I call in advance to schedule a carpet cleaning and send you a check by mail/Invoice or meet you when I am back in town at a later date?

No!  You must be there in person or assign a representative who can make decisions on your behalf as well as making proper payment.  They will need to sign the invoice, authorizing the work to be done, and then pay for the work when it’s completed.  No exceptions!

Can you provide your services and just send me an invoice by mail?

No, I only do this for commercial businesses with stable operating locations (ie hotels, restaurants, financial centers, etc).  I don’t provide this type of service for residential customers or rental owners. 

How do you handle returned checks?

  Everyone from time to time looses track of their finances and gets a returned check.  So, I give people a 10 day grace period to make good on honest mistakes and most do.  However, please keep in mind that this becomes a legal matter once you write a check for services rendered.  After 10 days without making good on your debt; the check will be handed over to the authorities and no longer in my hands. So, please be financially responsible and take care of this matter as promptly as possible. 

You will need to make a payment of cash or provide a certified money order within 10 days of notification + a $25 return fee to cover bank fees, expenses, and other inconveniences.


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